Pediatric surgery –
instruments to ensure children's health

The utilization of specialized microinvasive pediatric instruments stands as a cornerstone in delivering meticulous and personalized healthcare to children, as well as addressing their distinct medical requirements.

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Children’s anatomical peculiarities require sensitive instruments. Closely cooperating with specialists in pediatrics and microsurgery, Gimmi developed products especially for the needs of the smallest and most precious patients.

Benefits of our pediatric surgery instruments

Pediatric medical equipment is designed with the anatomical peculiarities of young patients in mind. Other benefits are:

Reduced risk of infection and faster recovery time

Improved cosmetic results

Better pain relief and reduced discomfort

Increased efficiency and easy access

Enhanced patient safety


User-friendly equipment ensures proper sizing, faster recovery time and minimizes discomfort. These measures result in high patient comfort, reduced procedure time, and, ultimately, cost savings.

The quality of the products has convinced me and my team for many years. With a diameter of 2.7mm, the filigree instruments are unique, especially in minimally invasive surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr 
Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

FAQs to our
Pediatric Instruments

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our pediatric surgery instruments. Our commitment to transparency, exceptional customer care, and client satisfaction remains our top priority. Should you have further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Yes, pediatric instruments are appropriately adapted to children’s anatomy regarding size and length to ensure their comfort and safety during medical procedures. They are designed to minimize intrusion and not damage the child’s tissues. In this way, the procedures are microinvasive, resulting in a quick recovery for the youngest patients.

Gimmi offers pediatric medical devices as a company with more than 90 years of experience. Our pediatric instruments undergo meticulous design considerations to prioritize the safety and comfort of children during surgeries. They are crafted with smaller dimensions to minimize discomfort during examinations or procedures. Additionally, pediatric instruments are engineered to provide precise functionality while being user-friendly for the physician.