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Gynecology is dedicated to the well-being of women and their reproductive systems. The instruments used in this area are specifically designed for gynecological procedures, prioritizing patient comfort and optimal outcomes.

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The successful application of OB/GYN instruments lies in their small and flexible size, high quality and compatibility, which are integral for achieving superior surgical outcomes as well as guaranteeing patient safety.

Benefits of our gynecology instruments

Our user-friendly gyn devices enable operations with minimal dilation for higher patient comfort. Other benefits are:

Reduced risk of infection and faster recovery time

Better cosmetic results

Better pain relief and reduced discomfort

Increased efficiency and easy access

Greater patient safety


Our gynecology instruments are an initial investment that will prove cost-effective in the long run due to their minimally invasive design, allowing for safer treatments with faster recovery times.

The quality of the products has convinced me and my team for many years. With a diameter of 2.7mm, the filigree instruments are unique, especially in minimally invasive surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr 
Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

FAQs to our
Gynecology Instruments

Here, you will discover answers to commonly asked questions. Complete transparency, exceptional customer care, and your satisfaction as our client are our utmost priority. If you have any inquiries beyond these, please feel free to reach out. We’re dedicated to assisting you promptly and ensuring your needs are met.

In gynecology, a range of dedicated instruments are used to perform various diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures, such as dilation and curettage (D&C). These gynecology devices include hysteroscopes, forceps and graspers for tubal ligation, resectoscopes and more.

Gynecology instruments undergo a stringent cleaning and sterilization process after each use, typically involving manual or automated cleaning to remove organic material. They can be safely stored and cleaned in our specialized containers.

OB/GYN surgical instruments undergo regular inspection before the first and any further use to ensure they remain in optimal condition for patient safety and effective use. Instruments showing signs of wear, damage or malfunction should be promptly replaced or repaired.