Medical instruments
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Made in Germany

In addition to selling products under our own Gimmi® brand, for the past 30 years we have also offered OEM models, which are in great demand in Germany and globally, with our most loyal customers in the USA, China, Japan and Europe.

We offer companies custom-made products or small production runs of medical products. Our network is made up of over 200 specialized companies and manufacturers in the field of medical technology, and together we can produce and deliver the highest quality products with the seal “Made in Germany”.

With the following flexible packages, we’re able to respond to your company’s needs in the most optimal way.


OEM-Solution (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
We provide you with the finished product. Your company will receive the technical documentation from us, in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements and the currently applicable costs.
Distributed by
Your advantages with this model – We put your product on the market and bear the associated legal responsibility. You use your own company name for the products, together with the label “Distributed by”. We provide support for all questions regarding the registration and operational processes.

We follow a 7-step development process

Proof of Concept
Regulatory Evaluation
Risk Analysis
Customer approval and manufacture according to normative and other regulatory requirements


We have implemented a comprehensive quality management system and are EN ISO 13485 certified. In addition, we market our products under our own name. Accordingly, we can assist with registration and technical documentation.

EN ISO 13485:2016

For more information

For more information, please contact our OEM manager, Mr. Robin Fox, using the form below.

Robin Fox
OEM Manager

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