Sterile Containers – for safe storage of Surgical Instruments

During surgery, precision and sterility are paramount. Designed to maintain a disinfected environment, containers help medical professionals organize surgical instruments and protect them from contamination or damage.

Discover our selection of sterile containers

We provide numerous sterile containers in different formats and sizes that are designed for various purposes. Standardized to fit into most autoclaves, you can effectively sterilize and store our instruments in them.

Benefits of sterilization containers

Modular sets of sterile containers provide several benefits to every kind of professional healthcare facility.

Sterility assurance

Compatible with autoclaves as well as other sterilization methods

Increased instrument protection


Modular and flexible individual assembly

Sustainability: reusable & durable

Investing in sterile container systems yields cost savings and ensures sterility by enhanced organization and accessibility during surgeries. Extended shelf life, portability, and intuitive handling are additional benefits.

The quality of the products has convinced me and my team for many years. With a diameter of 2.7mm, the filigree instruments are unique, especially in minimally invasive surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr 
Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

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Sterile Container Systems

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Stainless steel and high-quality medical-grade plastics are among the most suitable materials for sterilization containers due to their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand different sterilization processes such as high- and low-temperature, plasma, and EO.

Gimmi´s sterile containers offer various benefits, including a reduced risk of spreading infections compared to non-sterile storage options and systematic organization. In our container catalog, you can find a diverse set of sterilization and storage options for your needs.

Sterile trays serve as organized platforms for holding and transporting sterile medical instruments during procedures. They protect the instruments against contamination, while keeping them easily accessible and organized.