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Bariatric surgery offers opportunities and solutions for individuals navigating significant weight challenges. Sophisticated instruments are specially designed to aid surgeons in performing these intricate interventions.

Unique oversized instruments for bariatrics

Conventional instruments prove inadequate for patients with obesity due to being undersized. Gimmi offers bariatric surgery equipment specifically tailored to meet the special requirements of overweight patients.

Benefits of our bariatric surgery instruments

Specialized bariatric surgery instruments improve the safety, efficacy and overall outcomes of bariatric surgery.

Improved precision and accuracy

Reduced surgical trauma

Improved patient safety

Shorter recovery times

Better surgical outcomes

Versatile instrument set

Investing in specialized bariatric equipment ensures higher precision, safety, and efficacy in weight loss and standard surgeries, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and quicker recoveries.

The quality of the products has convinced me and my team for many years. With a diameter of 2.7mm, the filigree instruments are unique, especially in minimally invasive surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr 
Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

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Bariatric Instruments

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All types of instruments are used in bariatric surgery. What differentiates them from those used in regular surgeries is their size. To ensure quality and safety for the patient during surgery, they are usually specially designed to prioritize durability and larger dimensions for increased effectiveness. Gimmi offers a comprehensive set of oversized instruments for various types of surgeries.

Following each use, bariatric surgery instruments undergo a rigorous cleaning procedure, usually involving either manual or automated methods to eliminate organic residue.

Routine inspections of bariatric instruments are essential to maintaining patient safety and efficacy. Any instruments displaying wear, damage, or malfunction should be promptly replaced or repaired.