Surgical technology adapted to life –
Made in Germany

Together, we collaboratively shape and enhance the landscape of endoscopy and open surgery in various medical fields. Get acquainted with the dedicated team behind the innovations of our medical inventions.

Our mission – improving surgical solutions for patient's and medical staff's benefit

At Gimmi, our mission is not just a statement: it’s a calling to improving the world of healthcare through solutions that empower medical professionals. We are driven by a vision of more efficient and safer medical procedures, with one goal in mind: to enhance the safety and quality of patients’ lives:

Make the world a better place

Our innovative solutions are designed to help medical professionals every day. We guarantee more efficient and safer medical procedures. Our aim is to improve the safety of patients and elevate their quality of lives.

From Tuttlingen to every corner of the world

Our company’s purpose is to develop and manufacture innovative medical technologies to improve healthcare and optimize patient outcomes. We are proud to support sustainability and innovation while collaborating with global and local healthcare institutions.

Quick decision-making process and trust

Thanks to our proximity to our clients and our flexibility we can easily adapt to our users ‘needs achieving the best solution for every situation. This trust formforms the basis of our customer relationships.

Our values – Heart and mind in one – Inspiring a brighter future for all

At Gimmi, our values form the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. Our values are the heartbeat of our organization, guiding our actions, decisions, and interactions. They define us and set us apart in the world of medical technology. Explore these core principles that underpin everything we do at Gimmi.

Humanity –
Everyone is important

Our employees and their families are the heart and the brain of Gimmi – together we create the world of endoscopy! In harmony we promote the dialogue of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance so that everyone feels welcomed – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion. We are open-minded, sensitive and attach great importance to a respectful professional communication. Being innovative and using the newest technology plays a central part in our process, we like to innovate all of our thoughts and behavior.

Welfare –
Respectful reaching out for more

We create human, social, economic, and ecological values and prefer justice of the community. Gimmi was founded almost 100 years ago, and we have never disregarded our traditional German roots as a medium-sized company: Our headquarters is still in Tuttlingen where we create rewarding and family-friendly workspaces and train all our specialists. Nevertheless, we are constantly evolving and have become one of the global players in the medical technology market in more than 125 countries.

Integrity –
Honesty and respect

We dedicate ourselves with loyalty, responsibility, transparency, and morality to the corporate philosophy of Gimmi. With this, we embrace and seek the change. This is also reflected in our slogan: “Surgical technology adapted to life”. We are determined to fulfill this. We are close to the doctors and use our expertise and experience to produce high-quality instruments. Our aim is to optimize medical operations and thus provide the best possible care for all patients.

Partnership –
Stronger together

We provide services for the well-being of every human. The best results are created in teams. So, we take the feedback from our employees and partners very seriously. With this we are evolving ourselves, our products, and the working environment. As a result, we sustain profound relationships with many of our clients and partners for decades and help them with medical and technical support and fast and efficient solutions for their problems. You will always find a willing ear and constructive solutions.

Our expertise – Where transformative innovation meets impressive excellence

Welcome to Gimmi, where we’re diving into our expertise and why we are your partner for top-notch medical solutions. We’re dedicated to bringing you endoscopic instruments that meet the highest standards of quality and safety while being innovative, cost-effective, and backed by our customer support.

Close to doctors

We’re committed to manufacturing endoscopic instruments that enable you to achieve first-class results in the operating room. Our secret is the close collaboration with medical professionals. We actively engage with doctors and clinics worldwide, absorbing their valuable insights and feedback. This allows us to optimize our products and processes. What sets us apart is our exceptional team. They combine a unique blend of expertise, motivation, and experience. Out employees are the driving force behind our success in the medical technology industry.


In the ever-evolving field of medical technology, innovation is key. At Gimmi, we’re not just keeping up with the trends; we’re setting them with our outstanding instruments. Thanks to our close cooperation with doctors and clinics worldwide, we stay at the forefront of medical technology. We remain attentive to new market demands and user requirements. That aligns perfectly with our approach to agility. As a medium-sized company, we think outside the box. Trough embracing challenges, we turn them into opportunities for innovation.


In the world of medical technology, cooperation is the cornerstone of success. At Gimmi, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with partners and clients. Many of our partnerships have stood the test of time, lasting for years, if not decades. It’s the trust we’ve built that enables fast and informal communication about current challenges and needs.
We believe in providing a listening ear to our customers, old and new. If you have a challenge, we’re here to help you find constructive solutions. At Gimmi, your voice matters.

Our regional responsibility

While we may have started small in Tuttlingen, we’ve grown into a global company with distribution partners in over 125 countries.

We maintain our regional roots in Tuttlingen, the heart of the medical technology industry. It is here, that we train all our specialists and create rewarding, family-friendly jobs. Our global reach gives us a unique advantage: We’re close to surgeons, specialists, and patients around the world.

Quality and reliability

When it comes to medical technology, quality and reliability are non-negotiable. At Gimmi, we take these aspects seriously.

We excel in providing high-quality products and services. Our products are characterized by precision, accuracy, safety, and also cost-efficiency. How do we achieve this? Through strict quality controls and compliance with regulatory requirements, that are affordable for everyone.

Customer support and service

At the core of our mission lie exceptional customer support and service. Our dedication goes far beyond the ordinary to guarantee your utmost satisfaction Our commitment to you encompasses a wide array of services:

Training for medical staff, Technical support, Maintenance services, Quick response to any questions or problems you might encounter. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Certified by DIN

Quality management is an integral part of our identity. Our dedication to maintaining high standards is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We hold certification DIN EN ISO 13485:2021 and EC-Certificate No. G1 | EN ISO 13485:2021. These certifications serve as a guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

European and US certificates

CE and FDA certifications are crucial in the medical device industry. These certifications are symbols of commitment to patient safety and product quality, reflecting the dedication of medical device manufacturers like us to deliver the best in the industry.

  • The CE mark is essential for accessing the European market and signifies compliance with European safety and quality standards.
  • FDA certification is vital for entry into the U.S. market and ensures that medical devices meet rigorous safety and efficacy standards in the United States.


The CE mark stands for “Conformité Européenne” in French. It is a vital certification for medical devices aiming to be sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). This mark is essentially a declaration by the manufacturer that their product complies with the essential requirements of relevant European Union (EU) directives and regulations.

  • Compliance with European Standards: Products bearing the CE mark adhere to stringent European standards for safety, quality, and performance. This ensures that medical devices are safe for use by healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Market Access: CE certification is a key to accessing the vast European market. It allows medical device manufacturers to distribute their products within the EEA, comprising 27 EU member states along with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.
  • Quality Assurance: Achieving CE certification involves a comprehensive assessment of the product’s design, manufacturing processes, and quality control systems. This scrutiny ensures that the device meets the highest standards.
  • Patient Safety: CE certification emphasizes patient safety. By complying with EU regulations, manufacturers contribute to the overall well-being of patients by delivering reliable and safe medical devices.


The main objective of the FDA, or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is protecting the public health. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical devices, food and medicine in the United States. Obtaining FDA clearance or approval is a rigorous process that entails thorough evaluation of a medical device.

  • Stringent Regulatory Oversight: The FDA evaluates medical devices to confirm their safety and effectiveness. This rigorous assessment helps protect the health of patients in the United States.
  • Different Classes of Devices: The FDA categorizes medical devices into different classes based on their risk level. These classes range from Class I (low risk) to Class III (high risk). The level of scrutiny and requirements vary accordingly.
  • Clinical Testing: For certain devices, particularly those in higher risk classes, clinical trials may be required to demonstrate safety and efficacy. This ensures that the device performs as intended and poses minimal risks to patients.
  • Market Access in the U.S.: Obtaining FDA clearance or approval is a prerequisite for selling medical devices in the U.S. market. This certification opens the doors to one of the largest healthcare markets in the world.

Our journey

Every milestone in our voyage tells a story of dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence. Since Rudolf Gimmi founded our company in Tuttlingen, our company has been on an extraordinary journey. Our timeline is a testament to our commitment to advancing medical technology and providing unparalleled solutions to the healthcare industry.