Together we create
the world of endoscopy

Our Mission

Innovative and lasting solutions

We offer innovative and financially sustainable solutions for all medical and surgical challenges that confront doctors every single day. Surgical teams around the world operate more efficiently and safely with our instruments and devices. User feedback is essential for us and is a valued and central part of our innovation process.

Contributions to health: locally and globally

We’re proud to make important contributions to global and local healthcare with our medical technology solutions. We are flexible, unbureaucratic and work sustainably for the betterment of patients as well as physicians and the entire team in the operating room and in reprocessing.

Flexible and efficient

We focus on our core skills and implement them consistently. Our quick decision-making process, our global partner network as well as our proximity to our users makes us flexible, so we can always adapt in the best ways to our users’ needs. This forms the basis of our unique expertise.

Our Values


Gimmi – these are our employees. Their families, too, are important to us, and their concerns inform our decisions. We treat each other and our business partners with respect, working together constructively and professionally. Regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion, we consider everyone equal.


We are open-minded and impartial. We are appreciative, always willing to listen, and always attentive and observant, with equality and respect at the core of all our actions. We have strong ethical principles and are sensitive when dealing with all cultures, and we expect the same from our partners.


We embrace and seek change. We are curious, and are always questioning our processes, so we can continuously adapt ourselves and our business to changing needs, within an agile corporate environment. We are always willing to learn and are constantly evolving.


Gimmi was founded almost 100 years ago and has supported countless doctors in providing their patients with the best possible care, based on the latest medical science. This legacy and vast experience are both a treasure and a responsibility for us. They distinguish us from many of our competitors in the medical technology market.

Our Expertise

Close to doctors

We manufacture devices that enable you to achieve first-class results in the OR. We’re only able to do that because we optimize all of our products and processes with quality and user proximity in mind. Our employees are unique in terms of their expertise, motivation and experience. And of course, we actively assure quality management and certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. EC-Certificat No. G1 | EN ISO 13485:2016


Thanks to our close cooperation with doctors and clinics worldwide, we are always up to date in the field of medical technology. New market and user requirements present us with wonderful challenges, and as a medium-sized company, we are able to work quickly and to think outside the box.


We have been working with many of partners and clients for years, if not decades. The trust we’ve built enables fast and informal communication about any current challenges and needs, and encourage new customers to do so as well. Here at Gimmi, you’ll always find a willing ear and constructive solutions.

Regional responsibility and global reach

Despite small beginnings in Tuttlingen, we are now a global company, with distribution partners in over 125 countries, giving us unique proximity to surgeons, OR specialists, and to patients and their needs. Nevertheless, we maintain our regional roots – in Tuttlingen, the heart of the medical  technology industry. Here is where we train all our specialists and create rewarding and family-friendly jobs.

Our story

Gimmi has operated for nearly a century, and is led today by the fourth family generation. The company is now part of the Vitalmex group, based in Mexico, which is one of the biggest corporations in medical technology in Central and South America. With Gimmi based in Europe, this is the ideal partnership in which both sides are able to learn from each other, to continually evolve and improve together.
Company founded by Rudolf Gimmi
Fritz Renz takes ownership from Gimmi
First product launch with the Gimmi® brand name
CE-Certified Manufacturer
Gimmi’s first MicroLap Instrument
Gimmi’s first Endo Tower
Vitalmex and Gimmi become partners
Vitalmex takes over 100% of Gimmi’s stake
Gimmi becomes shareholder of Lega medical

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