High-quality surgical instruments – for life-saving open surgery

Open surgery stands as a medical discipline where precision, quality, and efficiency are paramount. We offer a well-established product catalog that includes an extensive array of surgical instruments for various tasks.

Discover our cutting-edge surgical instruments

Our Infinity catalog offers a broad portfolio of open surgical instruments for a variety of procedures. Find the right product, from standard coatings to tungsten carbide options to ceramic models for increased durability.

Benefits of our surgical instruments

The instruments in our open surgery collection are pivotal in the operating room for safe procedures and patient welfare.

Precision and control

Wide range of instruments

Enhanced patient comfort

Faster recovery time


Greater patient safety

Our instrument offers unparalleled flexibility, ergonomic design, and reduced infection risk. With its robust durability and user-friendly features, it increases efficiency and ensures flawless results.

The quality of the products has convinced me and my team for many years. With a diameter of 2.7mm, the filigree instruments are unique, especially in minimally invasive surgery.

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Niebuhr 
Specialist in surgery and visceral surgery

FAQs to our
Surgical Instruments

In this section, we provide clear and concise answers to common questions regarding our surgical instruments. Transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are the pillars of our service.

If your question is not answered here, we invite you to contact us. Our dedicated support team provides timely and thorough assistance to ensure that all your needs are met.

Gimmi’s surgical devices stand out due to their excellent quality and the extensive research that goes into their design. We offer a wide range of instruments that are both innovative and reliable, ensuring that surgeons are equipped with the best devices to perform open surgeries from abdominal and gynecological procedures up to ENT at the highest level.

In open surgery, the basic equipment includes scalpels, forceps, medical/surgical scissors, needle holders, rongeurs, and bone cutters. Each instrument in our Infinity catalog is designed to enhance the surgical experience, ensuring superior outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.