Medical devices – Variety of medical products & instruments

We are the first choice in a variety of disciplines – such as endoscopy, laparoscopy, open surgery, pediatric or bariatric surgery and many more. Our medical devices fit into any solution system and also provide an excellent quality-price ratio.

Medical devices – developed, designed & produced by our expert team

Our medical technology has user-friendly, ergonomic and hygienic design and is developed in close cooperation with:

  • doctors and their support teams
  • scientific researchers
  • legislators
  • industrial partners

Together, we are recognizing medical trends at an early stage to incorporate them into our innovative concepts – allowing you to take care of your patients’ health.

With Gimmi as your partner, you’ll have access to our comprehensive product portfolio. It covers medical devices from surgical instruments to medical equipment and diagnostic devices.

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Offering high quality and reliability with our medical devices

Discover our medical products and find exactly the surgical instrument you need for your individual task. We supply any medical profession.


In endoscopy, it is about the examination of the inside of the body. It is important that the equipment works precisely and reliably. Our Endoscopy-Tower offers camera systems and light sources, that allows 4K UHD images – to ensure accurate visualization and natural colors.


Gynecology medical devices are used in the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system. With our medical devices, surgeries with minimal dilation allow aesthetic results and higher patient comfort.


Medical devices for urology are used to treat diseases of the urinary and genital systems. With our surgical instruments you get everything you need for your surgery from lower to upper urinary tract.


Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery technique that requires the use of special instruments. Our medical instruments consist of individual parts which are interchangeable. Due to this, the surgical instruments can be easily adapted to versatile purposes.

Open Surgery

An open surgery is a surgical procedure called laparotomy. Open surgery is the field for which Gimmi has been applying its expertise for the longest time. Our medical devices offer a large variety for your open surgery made in Germany.


Pediatric surgery requires special instruments adapted to the children’s anatomy. Therefore, our pediatric equipment comes in various length and even in micro-diameters. Due to their light weight and small sizes, you can handle them easily, reduce pain and operate without aesthetically relevant scars.


Bariatric surgery is an important branch of surgery in daily healthcare that focuses on the treatment of obesity. Consequently, we offer a wide range of medical products in specially adapted lengths.


Arthroscopy is a surgery technique used to diagnose and treat joint diseases. Arthroscopy products include special instruments such as arthroscopes and sheath systems and a wide range of punches, forceps and hand instruments for knees, hips, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.


In electrosurgery, high-frequency alternating current is passed through the human body. With high-frequency surgery, hemostasis and the targeted separation of tissue is easier and more reliable.


An important part of medical devices are compatible containers and trays. To perfectly match the instruments and procedures, you will also find a large selection of modular containers at Gimmi. Thanks to those containers and trays, you can organize and reprocess your instruments.

Further information to our medical devices

We trust that you will find the right products for your surgical needs. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Innovation at Gimmi

At Gimmi, innovation is the very essence of our existence. Our motto, “surgical technology adapted to life”, encapsulates our unwavering commitment to providing healthcare professionals with revolutionary solutions that enhance the health and lives of their patients. Here’s a closer look at how innovation is at the core of our identity.

Product Innovation at Gimmi

At Gimmi, innovation is the very essence of our existence. Our motto, “surgical technology adapted to life”, encapsulates our unwavering commitment to providing healthcare professionals with revolutionary solutions that enhance the health and lives of their patients. Here’s a closer look at how innovation is at the core of our identity.

A Continuous Dialogue

Innovation thrives when ideas flow freely, and insights are shared openly. That’s why we maintain a constant dialogue with doctors on-site and around the world. This open exchange of information, in conjunction with our valued sales partners and manufacturers, enables us to view our products from diverse and holistic perspectives. We listen to the real needs and challenges faced by medical professionals, and this forms the basis of our innovation process.

Striving for the best

Our commitment to innovation is fueled by two key elements: innovative products and passion. We seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of medical technology. Our team is passionate about creating solutions that not only meet the needs of healthcare professionals but also elevate the standard of care for patients.

We aim for revolutions. Our history is adorned with innovations that have left a lasting impact on the world of medical technology. From cutting-edge endoscopic instruments to pioneering surgical solutions, our track record speaks for itself.

Join Us in shaping the future

Innovation thrives when ideas are shared, and collaborations are fostered. We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Do you have ideas for joint projects or insights that can further enhance medical technology? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form on our website. Your ideas, challenges, and visionary thinking can serve as the catalyst for shaping the innovations of tomorrow. Your input is the spark that lights the progress in medical world.

UDI: Unique Device Identification – ensuring traceability of all medical devices

With the advent of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in May 2021, the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system emerged as a global and mandatory standard within Europe. The UDI system is designed to ensure the unequivocal identification of all medical devices throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing to usage.

The primary objectives of the UDI system are as follows:

Enhancing Patient Safety

UDI is a fundamental element to enhance patient safety. By accurately identifying and tracing medical devices, healthcare professionals can swiftly and precisely respond to any issues that arises during a device’s use.

Streamlining Device Recall

Should there be any safety concerns or product defects, UDI simplifies the recall process. It allows for swift and targeted identification of affected devices, reducing the risk to patients and ensuring timely intervention.

Our Post-Market Surveillance

Post-market surveillance is a critical aspect of monitoring the safety and performance of medical devices. UDI aids in this by providing a comprehensive and traceable record of each device’s journey.

Support Regulatory Oversight

Regulatory bodies can effectively monitor and control the medical device market with UDI. They can track the distribution and usage of devices, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

At Gimmi, we recognize the paramount importance of UDI in modern medical device manufacturing. To ensure full compliance with these regulations, we have implemented cutting-edge practices and technologies.

  • Laser Technology Labeling: Gimmi upholds UDI regulations through the utilization of state-of-the-art laser technology for labeling our products. This technology allows for precise and permanent marking of UDI information on each medical device.

  • Full Traceability: Through UDI, we provide full traceability for all our products. This means that each device is marked with a unique code that allows for easy identification and tracking throughout its lifecycle. From manufacturing to distribution, and even during its use in clinical settings, our devices can be traced with accuracy.

  • Compliance with MDR: We understand that compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is of the utmost importance. Our team actively anticipates and shapes our processes in accordance with UDI regulations that seamlessly align with the requirements set forth by the MDR. We proactively ensure that our devices are labeled to the required standards, ready to meet all regulatory expectations as soon as the MDR is implemented.

  • Enhanced Patient Safety: Gimmi’s dedication to UDI is driven by our unwavering commitment to patient safety. We believe that by embracing these regulations and applying the latest laser technology for UDI, we contribute to a safer healthcare environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.